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Micro Finance is a simple but effective way of transforming lives.
Micro Finance is a simple and easy way of combating poverty.
Poverty knows no boundaries and has no respect towards color or ethnicity. It is reflected in the demographics of the world’s poor. A method called micro finance is available not as charity but as combating deep rotted poverty.
With changing lives comes the requirement of responsibility. The loan is required to be repaid. The concept does not allow for continuous charity and ‘handouts’ but a move towards a respectable way of life for that person and their immediate family. By providing smalls to create business opportunities results in employment and earnings to become part of the market place. It is not ‘giving a fish’ but teaching them how to fish, so that they can experience sustainability and economic vitality.
Superstars are getting involved in the power of microfinancing.

Notable persons such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, Ebay Founder, Pierre Omidyar, Ted Turner CNN Founder, Actress Nathalie Portman, Actor Robert Duvall and Former President Bill Clinton are all doing something in micro finance. The possibilities are endless. The needs are astonishing!




Churches are getting involved in micro finance.

World Relief partnerships with various churches to reduce poverty and suffering around the world. They have been on the forefront of poverty reduction in various countries.




Faith-based businessmen are making a different through microfinance. a faith based non-profit works with business people in creating jobs and helping bring people out of poverty. In 2007 they helped create and sustain 17,977 jobs through their poverty alleviation programs. They use the knowledge and experience of Christian business people to equip and mentor and encourage small and medium sized businesses worldwide.

The United Nations outlines five areas to reducing Poverty. 

The United Nations has established that poverty must be tackled in the following areas:

• Macroeconomic and structural policies that is consistent with poverty reduction

• Employment for the poor, with programs that create income producing jobs.

• Public resource management that ensures policies complement poverty reduction.

• Using Information and Communication Technology to stay on top of plans.

• Developing strategies and working with civil societies.


ways to reducing poverty

Although capitalism has worked well for many, it can be harsh on the poorest of the poor. A new way of thinking is needed to help move those on the bottom of the ladder to a few steps up so that they can fend for themselves. Finding ways to make capitalism that has worked for the rich, also work for the poor.

The Bill Gates Foundation offering opportunities to the poor. 

Grinding poverty reduces the poor to fend for the basic necessities of life, such as food water and shelter. Health care and education are unattainable for many.

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