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Thousands die daily from malaria.

Millions of babies and children are victims of the malaria epidemic –every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria-500 million people become extremely ill yearly from this disease.


It affects at least 1 in every 10 persons in the world. It has re-emerged as a major economic threat to the families affected and hence the communities that they are part of.


Every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria 40 percent of the world’s populated are at risk More than 1.5 million people die from malaria annually Malaria is responsible for a large portion of medical treatment.

In some countries, malaria is responsible for 40 of outpatient visits and 25 percent of inpatient stays. It is responsible for a large percentage of inpatient deaths for children under 5 years of age.


This is an insecticide treated bed-net that has saved millions of lives due to its effectiveness- The cost is less than $10 per net. In some cases within 6 months there can be an 80 percent drop in malaria cases with the proper use of insecticide bed-nets.

Bed-nets are easy to understand and all can get involved.

Faith based organizations have become involved in this easy to understand solution. Children, youths and churches who have heard about the difference bed-nets make, are getting excited about the cause.



What will The Philia Foundation do?


The Philia Foundation plans to embark on a campaign through the distribution of insecticide bed-nets. The use of insecticide bed-nets has been found to be a potent and effective weapon against malaria. The treated bed-nets can last up to 3 years and cost less than $10 per bed net. Our goal would be to raise enough finance so that lives can be changed immediately. We intend to partnership with bed-net companies and work together with faith-based organizations and local village authorities to effectively transform malaria infested villages and spots around the world.


Tony Blair the former Prime Minister of England announced at the start of June 2008 that he is starting a foundation that would partner with churches to make sure insecticide bed-nets are distributed and used in malaria-infected areas. Philia intends to use the infrastructure of faith-based organizations and volunteers in the geographical areas to maintain the program. A study before the project is implemented and during the time it is implemented would be done to show the progress on malaria reduction.

If you wish to become involved press here — Donate now

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